dust filtration

Dust Filtration

Decades of experience assisting our customers with their dust collection needs has allowed Buletsa to become a leader in the Baghouse industry. We offer a comprehensive range of services for your dust collection system. Including but not limited to: baghouse filter replacement, maintenance programs, turn-key system installations, technical advisors, system audits, leak testing and more. We supply different types of filter bags and cages

plant shutdown

Plant Shutdown

Every industrial plant encounters several shutdowns during its lifetime, be it for scheduled maintenance, replacement of parts, modification or expansion. At Buletsa we have a team of competent personnel who ensure that rebuilds work are done in a safe and efficient manner in order to minimize the downtimes.

steal fabrication

Steel Fabrication and Installation

We specialize in providing all our clients a full turnkey approach on structural steel services. We start at the beginning of each project with the client’s vision, starting with design, moving onto detailing and production of fabrication and then finally the erection of the completed steel structure. Buletsa has its own transport and each erection team its own vehicle ensuring getting material on site. We are able to provide reliable transportation of finished structures to different parts of South Africa and the SADAC country.



We specialize in the installations, repairs & maintenance of HVAC Systems.